• Knowing Zhaolong immigrants, we can expect the future

    Zhaolong is based on quality, integrity and professionalism
    Be the best immigration company in China under the background of 20 years of entity law firms

    Beijing Zhaolong Entry-Exit Intermediary Service Center Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. Based on the advantages of self-operated law firms and rich immigration experience, it focuses on immigrants from big countries, always adheres to the principle of "law makes a profession and wins trust sincerely", innovatively proposes and establishes the whole-process transparent immigration service standard, and provides customers with the whole-process transparent service standard of "legal project planning-legal escort immigration-overseas asset allocation and living services", helping customers choose the most suitable immigration and overseas life planning scheme.

    Twenty years experience in immigration, authoritative specialty
    Let investors enjoy fairness, equality and essential security in the process of immigration

    Believe in Zhaolong immigration, we insist on innovation

    Multiple planning schemes, own teams at home and abroad, the best choice for peace of mind immigrants

    • Combined with demand, provide multiple solutions-to ensure the maximum benefit of customers

    • More than 50 lawyers and immigration teams make one-on-one exclusive plans to ensure the success rate

    • Domestic and foreign teams track together and communicate with customers without barriers-to ensure the smooth progress of immigration application

    • All self-owned teams, no third-party agencies involved

    • Responsibility system and confidential management mechanism to ensure customer information security

    • 20 years' immigration experience

      Founded in 2002, Zhaolong has its headquarters in Beijing, new york and Shanghai respectively. In 2013, it obtained the practice qualification approved by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China, and accumulated a lot of experience in American immigration and business law

    • Industry leading success rate

      With 20 years' immigration experience and perfect and mature work team, Zhaolong insists on optimizing the immigration plan for every applicant, and the success rate of immigration is over 99%.

    • 50,000+the choice of high net worth individuals

      Zhaolong adheres to the highest ethical standards of legal practice and provides customers with foreign-related legal and commercial services such as immigration, overseas home ownership, education, housing and investment, and has successfully helped countless customers complete immigration and investment planning

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